Fostering Enduring Partnerships Between Afghanistan and the Global Market.


MST Co. catalyzes reconstruction and infrastructure advancement in Afghanistan through strategic project facilitation, uniting global business expertise with local insights for transformative development.

Market Entry Strategy.
Tailored strategies for businesses looking to enter or expand within the Afghan market.
Investment Facilitation.
Connecting investors with opportunities in Afghanistan’s growing markets.
Cultural and Regulatory Navigation.
Assistance with understanding and complying with local business practices and laws.

Partnership Opportunities

We are actively seeking partners to join us in various developmental projects that are vital to the progress and prosperity of Afghanistan. Each project offers a unique chance to make a tangible impact and achieve mutual growth.

  • Road Infrastructure

    Revitalizing Afghanistan's road networks to support economic recovery and regional connectivity.

  • Raw material export

    Connecting Afghanistan's natural wealth with global markets for sustainable mineral and raw material trade.

  • Pharmaceutical Market

    Setting up a foundational pharmaceutical network to fill a vital market gap and guarantee access to essential medicines.

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  • Taher Merkhel

    Director Afghanistan

  • Achmadullah Totakhel

    Director Eastern Europe